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The Scotland survey is now live

Scotland     May 4 2021     

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Image by Scottish Government survey

Our Scotland team have partnered with the Scottish Government to produce a survey on the role of volunteering and the third sector response to COVID-19.

The survey seeks the perspectives of local and national organisations who work directly with volunteers, alongside infrastructure organisations, Third Sector Interfaces, Local Authorities and Health and Social Care Partnerships.

The survey will play a vital role in enhancing our understanding of the response over the course of the pandemic and aims to establish how organisations are planning to meet the societal challenges COVID has brought to the fore. The findings will inform recovery in Scotland and will provide an opportunity to reflect on lessons learnt by those who have coordinated local and national responses. This data will offer invaluable insights for practitioners and policymakers to gauge what help is required to support and sustain voluntary effort during national recovery and into the future. The project provides a platform to identify and analyse overarching themes that arise across the UK, establishing a broad evidence base on the mobilisation of voluntary action across different spatial scales and in response to a range of existing and emerging needs.

We extend our thanks to members of the project advisory panel whose expertise have helped shape the survey design.

Emerging findings will be shared via our project website and through project briefing events. We look forward to updating you on these in due course.

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